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Guests at Bayville

Memberships at Bayville Golf Club are family memberships, including spouses and unmarried dependent children 22 years of age and younger who are living at home or attending school on a full-time basis. All members of Bayville are entitled to have guests use the Club’s facilities with certain restrictions. Members will be responsible for the conduct and dress of their guests and any charges they may incur.

Guest Policy

Guests at Bayville will be greeted warmly by our staff.  We want nothing more than to make all of our Guests feel like they are having the "Ultimate Golf Experience" when they are on the Grounds of Bayville.  

Usage of the entire facility is encouraged, and Guests should feel comfortable asking any staff member for anything they made need to enhance their stay with us.

When arriving at Bayville, guests should use our Bag Drop Service to ease any transfer of clubs or other equipment. 

Also, please use our Locker Room to dress into your golf attire.  Lockers are available for no additional charge.  Showers, towels, and anything you may need before or after your round are easily assessible.

While inside our Clubhouse, guests should kinldy remove their hats and please refrain from using their mobile device.  

If there is ANYTHING at all that ANY guest at Bayville may need to enjoy their time with us, please do not hesitate to ask a staff member.  

Please make yourself at home and most importantly... HAVE FUN!!