The visionary path of the Founding Members of Bayville Golf Club was to offer pure quality golf for the exclusive use of its members and their families.Founded in 1995, the Club adopted and retains the civil manners and social amenities typical of great, enduring private clubs across the country.

Bayville members are privileged with no tee times and the highest standards for maintenance and playability in a private club. Bayville’s dynamic membership base of prominent business and community leaders creates a unique social network.The Club is managed by a Board of Directors elected by the members.The Club is organized as a non-profit, non-stock corporation, an arrangement that supports the expectation that the Club will endure in perpetuity.Bayville members are bound by the Club's bylaws, rules and regulations and the rules of golf, which are amended from time to time.

The Founding Members of Bayville had a visionary path with three basic goals:

Membership Classifications

Memberships at Bayville Golf Club are all family memberships, including spouses and unmarried dependent children 22 years of age and younger who are living at home or attending school on a full-time basis.