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Saturday Morning Game

Saturday Morning Play - 1st and 10th Tees

Each year, the Club utilizes the 1st and 10th tees commencing the Saturday after Memorial Day and ending the Saturday before Labor Day weekend in order to accommodate member play early Saturday mornings during the summer.  Here are the key points of information you need to know:

During this period, the first tee will open on Saturdays at 7:30 am instead of 7 am due to additional golf course maintenance requirements. The first tee will continue to open at 7 am on Sundays and weekdays (except Tuesdays). 

The PGA Professional Staff will serve as starters and start groups on the 1st tee starting at 7:30 am and the 10th tee at 8 am. While this system greatly increases early access, there is a "trade off" in the fact that there will be a period of time that the 1st and 10th tees will not be readily available due to a "cross-over" requirement inherent in this starting system.  (See time window explanation below.) 
Normal check-in procedures will continue, and the order of starting will be on a first-come basis.

During this early starting period, the PGA Professional Staff will pair twosomes together and add singles to fill out threesomes.Using this system, there is the capability to start 22 foursomes or 88 players before 9:45 am.  Furthermore, within these 22 foursomes, 14 foursomes (56 players) will be able to start during what has become the "prime time hour" between 8 am and 9 am on Saturday mornings. 

Time Window Explanation
1st Tee - Groups wil be starting on the 1st tee from 7:30 am unti 9:45 am.
10th Tee - Groups will be starting on the 10th tee from 8 am until 9:15 am.

The cross-over time on the 1st tee will be allowed starting at 10 am until 11:30 am for groups starting on the 10th tee. This is the time that there may be limited access for members wanting to play. However, the above schedule is predicated on the maximum number of groups in the morning splits. On a Saturday-by-Saturday basis, members are encouraged to call the Golf Shop (757) 460-2616 and be advised of space available during the cross-over period of 10 am until 11:30 am.  After 11:30 am, normal starting will resume on the first tee only.